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Socks for me–soon

Went rooting around in my personal private yarn store (used to be Kate’s bedroom) and found 2 skeins of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, sport weight, in colorway Purple Earth. And my toes started to wiggle at the thought of new socks!

2012-01-07 20.26.22

If I don’t take a picture, with the label, while it’s still skeined up, I’ll forget what it is in less than 20 minutes. Sport weight will work up so much quicker, and will be easier on my eyes, too. That’s important right now. Eyes are doing better, but I don’t want to push my luck. Very unusual blend of colors in this year, and will work it up in a plain vanilla pattern so they show. I’ll get out my original Wendy Johnson book for a stitch count. Her books are terrific. And by the way, a small plug for the Amazon site – when I just went there to get the link, at the top it said, “You bought this book on July 30, 2008.” Is that handy or what? For us fools well-read folks that can’t remember what we’ve already got or where we put it, that’s a great addition that I never noticed before.

2012-01-07 20.48.30

When I “cake” yarn, I miss the twins. They would “help” me, causing the process to take 3 times longer than need be, and become 20 times more fun. It worked particularly well when I was doing socks from 2 skeins, so the “workload” could be divided evenly, to eliminate squabbling – well that was the idea, anyway. One skein per boy. They still both wanted to do all the cranking on the winder!


And the blog isn’t complete without a link to a blog I heard/read about on Facebook.   http://bluemilk.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/how-to-do-discrete-breastfeeding/  While this subject matter hasn’t been a near-and-dear issue for me for some 30 years, I sure remember the day when it was part of my everyday life, I did nurse babies in public because the darn kids got hungry regardless of my location. I was perhaps more discreet than this, always having a receiving blanket handy to toss over baby and my shoulder. But today, it’s different and I’m tempted to make a batch of these and donate them to the Postpartum unit at the local hospital, just to encourage new mothers to breast-feed.


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