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A new year is coming

There’s a new year coming in on us really fast now! Resolutions? Hell, I’ve made them before many times and even kept a few! Should I even bother? Why not?!!

    • Lose the rest of the weight that I gained way back when I quit smoking. I’ve been carrying the ballast around with me for almost 5 years now, which in a way, is a good thing! That long without a cigarette is terrific. Carrying around this weight isn’t. I’m going to get rid of another 20 pounds, at least.
    • I need to buy less yarn and crafty things and make more of an effort to use up the shit lovely yarn and fibers I already have. I literally have a roomful of yarn here to pick from. And there’s also quite a few UFOS ( unfinished objects ) that need to be dealt with, either finished up or ripped out. One way or the other – they are just taking up valuable space now and not doing anything for anybody,
    • I’ve got to prioritize “Stuff” both in my house and in my life. Regarding both, I’ve got too much that’s giving me more stress than benefit. I’ve got to work to change that. It won’t come easy or without a price. Still, I’ll be better for making the effort and getting it done. Some difficult choices will have to be made. Life sucks – we knew this.

Wishing a happier, better, more prosperous, safe and healthy new year to all!

See ya on the other side.


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