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A bit of an update

Survived the blizzards. Got the heat back on.  A great deal of no fun all the way around.

Just two days ago, it started again. Snow. All we do now is just hunker down in a corner and cringe.  And whimper.

And this is the mountain of snow that I see when I look out my front window. If I got down in the snow at the base and with the right lens, I bet I could make it look like Mt. Everest.

I should have gotten more household chores done while I was snowed in the house and out of work.  I had the time. They didn’t get done.

I did knit, though.  Made up the Diagonal Lace Socks from Wendy Johnson’s “Socks from the Toes Up.” Used KnitPicks Essential in Mermaid and did them on a Magic Loop with sz 2 needles.

That black fluff at the top of the picture is not an old dirty mop, even if the resemblance is similar.  It’s the poor overgrown fancy-dame poodle, Sophie, who used to go to the Poodle Spa regularly for her grooming appointments far  more often than I went to the hairdresser. When word came down about my impending job loss, I figured this was one expense where I could cut back and save money. Usually the poor dog went to the groomers right before Christmas, assuring that she’d look pretty for the holidays and freeze her skinny butt through all of January and February.  She didn’t go for the elegant holiday ‘do and now looks like this:

Looks much like a bag of black, dirty rags, doesn’t she? But she probably is a lot warmer when she goes out to “decorate” the snow. With all the cold and wind and snow and sleet we’ve had this year, an abnormally ugly winter so far, I bet she’s glad she’s had all those sweaters left on.

And I made Pop a new warm wooly hat – last year’s hat, a stranded one, was fine for one of our normal winters here. Clearly, this one hasn’t been normal and that hat just wasn’t enough. His new one is warm enough to wear on a trip to the South Pole if he ever wants to go.

Three weeks left to work until shutdown.

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