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So far, so bad

It started late Friday afternoon, before I left work. And it just kept coming and coming. The never-ending story.

Not too long after dark, my car looked like this.

Sticking on the car. Sticking on the road. Not such a big deal yet. But this is only about 2 hours into it.

And it kept coming down. All night. All day Saturday.

And then my car looked like this:

That’s a red car there!

This is both our vehicles, my red Escape and his pick-up behind it. We thought of just leaving them there and moving to Fort Lauderdale. Sounded easier to pack our shit up than shovel all that.

Here’s something I never saw before. Snow so wet that it stuck to the sides of the house.

That makes it so much more fun to shovel when it’s that wet.

And all the snow on the roof apparently clogged our furnace’s Air Intake Pipe on the top of the roof (who knew about this?  all these years in this house, all the times it’s snowed, we never had a problem) So when the pipe gets clogged, it shuts down the furnace, which is a very good safety feature, as it prevents you from quickly dying of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, and instead allows you to slowly freeze to death. Hmmm……

And daughter is finally landed safely in Dulles, although her car is snowed in over at BWI. She’s had 3 sets of return flights from New Orleans cancelled, including ones later tonight. She took one into Dulles, desparate to get nearer to home!

The storm that’s supposed to start tonight and go through all day tomorrow may dump another 16 inches on us. There’s nowhere to plow snow TO as the sides of the roads are mounded with snow mountains solid as granite.

If I make reservations for that flight to Florida, at least Kate knows the way to all the airports now.

2 Responses to “So far, so bad”

  1. Kate Says:

    Visit Kate

    My Tour of Eastern United States’ Airports is officially OVER!!

  2. Petunia Says:

    Visit Petunia

    Doing 4 airports in one day is overdoing it. Another reason I don’t fly – ever!! (and Pop says “Very light flurries – starting here at 1900.