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Another debacle

My name is Patricia Jane – it ought to be changed to Calamity Jane!!!

After a routine colonoscopy (or “:” oscopy, as my geeky son called it) that had me admitted to the hospital for aspiration pneumonia back in January, I stuck to tradition here. I had oral and dental surgery scheduled for Wednesday, March 25. Extraction of teeth, filing down the jawbone to even it out, placement of lower denture. The actual surgery part went well, I guess. I went in, they verified all the facts, “Yes, I’m me and Yes, that’s what I want done.” and I was OUT!!!! Next thing I knew it was all done and over with!! We were out of the oral surgeon’s office on time.

Painkillers (percocet, one of the strongest ones) did not kill the pain, did not even touch the pain. Did not put me to sleep on the sofa as I had hoped. Instead, they “hyped” me up and had me bouncing around the house like Tigger, ready and wanting to scrub the kitchen floor!! Figuring it was just nerves or relief over having the procedure done and over, I keep taking these pills every 4 hours, hoping for pain relief – and getting bouncier!! (Husband was ready to tie me to a chair by this point) Did not sleep at all the first 2 nights after surgery. Then I noticed that I would start to itch after I went to bed (right after a dose of meds). Head to foot itching, lasting for hours, then going away. This, too, I waved off, blaming nerves. Bruising like I never expected. The insides of my mouth are mahogany colored, and in spots the bruising has bled (Har Har Har) through to the outside, visible on my cheeks.  Truthfully, it looks like Pop finally had enough of my crap and clocked me good. There was a lot of swelling, lips, chin, cheeks.  From the ears down, I looked like a hamster!!! (Oh, this would all be funnier if it was someone else!) Swelling went below my chin, down to the collarbone. I was slower to detect the tongue swelling, because, well, with oral surgery, hell, you expect everything in that area to swell and feel weird. All of a sudden a light finally lit in my pea-sized brain. Itchng, swelling, especially tongue swelling are signs of a critical allergic reaction. Almost missed the call here because I really expected, and was told to expect, facial swelling after such a procedure. (and because, when the chips are down, my latent stupidity basic-instincts-only-mode kicks in and the only thing I’m able to do is control my bladder. Everything else leaves)

Husband calls doc. I could still move tongue, and had NO trouble breathing. Advised that if anything swells any more, to go to ER.  I’ve been holding an ice bag to my face for 3 days now, to keep swelling down – I expect that Frostbite will be the next problem!!

Facial swelling, 3 days after the procedure

I’m now 3 days post-op, and the swelling has gone down a good bit. I can keep the new denture in my mouth for longer periods of time.  Just can’t seem to keep it in place really well yet!!!  (learning curve here) Speech is impacted, and I work in telephone ops, switchboard!! I may have to delay going back to work.

Pop’s gonna get strange looks if we go out together – I really looks like he belted me!!

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