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Lolly says, “Go NORTH, young knitter”

or something like that.  She said it over here on her recent post, part of Project Spectrum’s focus on NORTH during March and April.  Go out, find North and take pictures of what you see, what appeals to you, what represents north to you.

My next-door neighbor’s side door and trash bin didn’t appeal to me; not really that photogenic. I assumed that the side of his house would have limited appeal to just about everybody, including the neighbor. I mean, a white door, a black trash can. While black-and-white photography has a beauty all it’s own, I think it would need a more interesting subject. So I grabbed up the camera as I headed out over the weekend to run errands, do some shopping.

Driving, watching where I’m going. Looking North, too.

Did pull off to the shoulder of the road to safely take this picture! If you look really closely, you can see “Miles the Monster,” a large sort-of statue on the right (east) side of the track. Dover is referred to as the “Monster Mile” by the NASCAR folks. The statue looks like it’s made out of concrete, is patently ugly, and my wee grandsons always said, each time we drove past, “Grandma, that man needs to put some clothes on!” The track complex is HUGE, attracts tens of thousands of folks for 2 big races annually.

Because I don’t fly (haven’t in 26 years now!) and generally don’t do UP of any sort very well, my concept of North is reduced to what’s within a reasonable driving distance of home.  Therefore Lappland is out! So is Alaska. Being a “flatlander” I like someplace with some hills, and love going up into the Pocono Mountains, central Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley, or into central New York. It seems like another world up there, so different from what I’ve become accustomed to here on the coast. I’ve been posting pictures of the Poconos here and on Flickr for years – and finally have something to post regarding Project Spectrum.

And the PS color is Green, not one I work with often. Doing February Lady Sweater in KnitPicks WOTA in Forest Heather.  Starts at the neckline, raglan increases, separate the sleeves out, work down the body. I’m about down to waistline or so, and due to age and, ummm, girth, I don’t think stopping right at the waistline is a good idea – some can wear it and look lovely. Some clearly shouldn’t try. I’m in the latter group, so I’ll knit on for awhile!

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