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Moving on with life

Life goes on, and it’s often boring. I suppose that’s to be expected at my age, but I find it difficult to accept at times! I’m looking at vacation places, knowing there’ll be a funding shortage for that sort of thing this year, what with all the medical stuff going on. I would much rather spend our dollars on a week here or there this summer than send the money to various people for hacking into my body parts.  We shall have to see where it all levels out, after all the bills come in.

Last week I traded days off with a co-worker to get Thursday off and went up north for a check-up appointment with my eye doctor.  All is well, no inflammation; eye is “quiet,” which is what we want. On the way back, Pop and I stopped at the storage locker and loaded up the back of my vehicle with more stuff. (Damn, we’ve got a lot of junk over there, and we’ve got to sort through it, tossing much).  But I did see my oval rug there.  In it’s former life, it had been under my dining room table, but when daughter came home with two small guys (14 months old at the time) I thought it might not be the best place to keep it.  I remember my own children at that age, and a lot of food hit the floor (or fell directly into the dog’s mouth) so the rug’s been in storage all this time. It’s home again!

My oval rug is back in the dining room

Sure did need a thorough vacuuming, though.

I’m awfully tired of the cold weather; grateful that we’ve had few problems with snow this year, but still. I dislike the cold/wind combo that goes right into your bones. I’m thinking of light colors in my knitting, looking at bright colors in the clothing stores. I’m just so ready for spring to give us some small indication that its on the way. A wee crocus coming up? I need some assurance that I’ll not be cold forever, huddled in a heavy coat.

I’ve heard it said that “In spring, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.”  Well, that may be true for the young ones but it would seem that with the older fellows, their thoughts turn to GOLF!!

Pop shopping for golfing toys

That’s all he talks about, getting back out on the golf course, practice shots, some club that needs replacing – here he is, in a heavy winter coat, ogling golf balls. I guess that’s how he shows that he’s fed up with winter, too, and longing for warm weather and getting outside more.

The other night during pleasant conversation, I let slip out “I ordered another spinning wheel.” And then, a whispered, “Oooops.” But he picked up on it right away (as I knew he would) and questioned the purchase. Not angrily, just asking. I wiggled out of any direct answer, went to the bathroom, fed the dog, until he forgot about it.  But he did ask again a day or so later; again, I circled around the subject, and avoided giving him any information. He knew I was evading. I could see that he was a bit peeved, thinking that we had discussed concerns about bills, etc, thinking that he’d rather have a membership at the local golf course than another damn spinning wheel in the house. Oh, I could see it all rolling through his mind. When he came home from work on Saturday, I told him outright that the new spinning wheel had arrived. I saw his eyes dart to the living room, where Spinning Wheel #1 resides, to see if there were now two out there. Nope. He went down the hall to the soon-to-be-again craft room, and came back with a questioning look on his face. “All right, where is it?” he asked.

And I showed him.

Spinning Wheel Decal

It’s a spinning wheel DECAL for the back window of my car. I handed the paper over to him, and stood there grinning. There is something really wrong with me that made me do this. Isn’t it great, though? (I ordered it from TIB Designs on eBay! They have lots more designs and free shipping within the US)

I finally finished the socks I was working on, and I’m very happy with them.

Finished sock out of Tempted yarn in Bordello colorway

This is Good Grrl yarn by Tempted, in colorway Bordello.

Worked on 2 circular needles, US Size 2, 2 socks at a time – no second-sock problem here – they’re both done!!

Toe-up, using Magic Cast-On (link on my Wonderful Helpful Things on the Net page), increase to 56 stitches, k3,p1 leg to hold it in close, then an inch or so of k1p1 before binding off. This was a large skein that I weighed and divided in half using a gram scale – then worked until I was very near the end of the yarn.

another shot of finished Bordello socks

I love the colorway, wear the red/black combination often so these will get a great deal of use.

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  1. Brian Says:

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    Well, I find the spinning wheel decal story amusing. But I’m also kind of sadistic that way. My thoughts are currently turning to PLAYOFFS! In both sports I’m playing right now, actually. Volleyball playoffs start Friday, hockey on Sunday.