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Memorial Day in the USA

First —

In Remembrance

In Remembrance

Lest we forget, the POW/MIA flag remains on my site. It originally went up when a good friend retired from the USAF, in honor of his father, who remains MIA from Vietnam. Although it’s no longer the “featured graphic” at the top of the sidebar, as it was for those first 30 days, I saw no reason to take it down, and it remains on the bottom of the sidebar. Lest we forget.


Local Update

It’s coming again. I could tell it was getting close last week, when I saw the area dotted with trash cans and Port-a-Potties!!They spring up like mushrooms on the lawn. Race Weekend!  NASCAR!!! Oh, damn! I know there are many fans who love it, and that it is a great financial boon for many in this area, but as I live near the track, and everything becomes a madhouse for 3-5 days around here, and a 12 minute drive takes several hours, and I’m not a particularly avid NASCAR fan, I don’t get quite as excited as other folks. For me, it’s just a loud, inconvenient hassle.

Here come the campers!!

The campers just started coming in on Saturday – Dover�International Speedway only allows them to start parking on the Saturday before Race Weekend – and there are acres and acres of fields all around here that will be FULL, jammed in as tight as they can get. They only leave room enough to get cases of beer in.

Weekend Activities at Home on Saturday

Anyway, we’re having beautiful weather here, great for all the folks with picnics and other outdoor activities planned for the holiday weekend.  We had the boys outside with bubble soap – which they promptly spilled.  Odd, huh??  So they needed the “sticky” cleaned off them.

Briley thought the garden hose was a good idea.

Garden hose is more fun than the bubble soap

Playing with the garden hose was more fun than the bubble soap!!

So is squirting Uncle Briley or Grandmom!

Luckily, Briley knows how to shut off the water, too.

Briley and the boys

(I really was starting to get nervous for my camera!!)

With bubble making out for the day, a Frisbee was found and Twin A wanted to play.

Sir Nick

You can tell he’s really working at learning to “catch” because of the tongue there, the Tongue of Concentration. And his throwing ability is surprisingly good.  On target right to you 90% of the time.

Turning away from the incoming Frisbee

Turning away from an incoming Frisbee doesn’t help the catching skills, butit does save your face!  He’ll get better soon, because he really wants to do it!

The salads are made and chilling.  The A/C is fixed so the house is chilling also.  On the hottest day so far this year, and with all the cooking I had to do, the A/C wouldn’t come on.  When Pop got home, he discovered that the wiring to the outside part of the unit had been damaged by the weed-whacker that the lawn-care man uses.  Damn!  So, after a long, hot, hard day, instead of sitting down comfortably to his dinner and a cold one (or five), Pop was outside rewiring the unit.


For almost all day, the house was empty save me!!  And I had a plan!  Again, beautiful weather, so I took the spinning wheel outside, and roving I’ve been wanting to spin, and a cold cup of soda.  And I sat in the sun and it was wonderful!!!!!

lime and purple merino roving

Sakina Needles 100% Merino Superwash, 4 oz, in Lavender.  Beautiful.

I tore it down into thirds, as evenly as I could.  Ha!  And I was able to get it all spun, for a 3-ply yarn.  It’s resting now, but will need to ply it.

Lavender on the wheel�

And I’m waiting on something else.  When I ordered my Woolee Winder, I ordered one extra bobbin (in addition to the one that shipped with it).  Guess everything I’ve done since then has been 2-ply. When I got the second singles done, I had to set up the old flyer and wind it off onto a standard Ashford bobbin, so that I could spin out the third strand at the same ratio.  So I’ve placed an order for yet another Woolee Winder bobbin. Damn thing is $32, outrageous, but what’s worse is the $11 shipping charge.  Hello, this isn’t fine crystal here coming in from Ireland. It’s a damn light-weight wooden bobbin, made here in the US.

Note to self: When spinning while out in the sun, don’t stare intently at the beautiful yarn in hand. Occasionally, even OFTEN, glance at the color of legs, arms, shoulders. If they are already pink, that means well past WELL DONE.

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