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The Ides of March (times 2)

The “stuff” got moved!!  Yay!!!!    It went so well I recommend that everyone periodically take everything they value, shake it all about, drop it a few times, rent a truck and drive it all about town, then put it back in a different order.  Pop seems to feel that there may not be a Christmas tree this December but we may have some of the ornaments, and he thinks the 3 big stars that we put outside are “near the surface.”  He fears the rest is 15 feet back and would require emptying at least a path to get all the way back there, then moving a lot of shit.  He might be talked into something like that in warm weather but I doubt it’s going to happen in winter.  Far easier solution is to buy a natural tree for use at the end of the year.  More fun will ensue, though, when/if Kate needs her stuff out. 

I am still on a massive campaign here to throw things out, much of it either paperwork or clothing.  I am using a much more critical eye, while looking at everything I’m asking myself, When was the last time I wore that?  Will it ever fit me again? Would I look like a horse’s ass if I put it on and wore it outside the house?  Often the answer is such that out it goes.


Went to the hairdresser’s on Saturday, for several hours of quiet ministrations in the rediculous hope that the Hands of Time can be reversed slowed.  I had no appointment, and when I got there I found that she couldn’t take me for an hour or so.  The establishment is very near the MALL!   Oh, Damn!   Went in to Boscov’s and found that they were having big sales in Housewares, and I had to walk through the bedding department.  Stopped to look at sheets.  They had 400-ct Percale sheets, queen size, for a third of what they usually are!   Sheets are an issue here, as we have a waterbed.  Any sheet so designated has it’s price immediately doubled.  Or tripled.  If you can even find them.  When we bought the bed about 5 years ago, we got a set of sheets with it, and purchased a spare set.  They are crap.  Cheap-ass material feels like sandpaper.    I didn’t go out looking for sheets yesterday, but bought a set at that price!

So today, I stripped the bed down, washed everything from “skin” out, (even washed the “skin,” the surface of the waterbed) put these gorgeous new sheets on the bed, and they felt so nice and silky-smooth, I went back to the store and bought another set.  Then I threw out the crap we’ve been using!!!!  This wasn’t exactly a “space-saving” effort, to reduce clutter, but still ………..  Those new sheets felt so luxurious – even Pop noticed.


I also went carousing around some on Saturday, just because the sun was shining.  As usual, I headed towards water.  Relaxing for me.  De-stressing.


One Cat Tail waving in the breeze


This stuff used to grow all over, where I was raised, back then.  Now, everything that was open is either housing developments or strip malls.  What a shame.  Us kids used to play in stuff like this, run through it.  And, damn, it can be sharp as razors.  I can remember getting cut to ribbons.  And half the time, we were running barefoot!


an old pier out into the bay


This pier juts out into the Delaware Bay.  I don’t know if it’s even used anymore.  At least, in all the times I’ve been out here, I’ve seen no activity.  This road is very low, near to water level, and you need to know something about tides and know to watch the damn water levels before you come out here.  The road floods out twice a day, and idiots people who are unaware of tidal conditions can and do get stranded.  For me, this time of year, it’s a nice place to sit and drink a soda.


more trees in blossom


What a beautiful time of year, when the trees put on this free show.  Picks up your spirits enough to face another week!

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