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Wednesday, March 19 – and life goes on

Not that I’m dazed and confused or anything, but when I decided to name this post simply with today’s date, I had to look down in the corner of screen to be sure.


Still playing with the socks, Peppermint Mocha. Making progress.

small amount of discernible progress

I’m glad I’ve got small, skinny feet. I like a snug-fitting sock so I tossed in some cable-y ribs after I got past the toe increases. The fiddly little cables are pulling it in a bit, and the sock fits snug, but I don’t think I’ll continue them around the whole sock as I go up the ankle. I’m thinking now that I’ll just leave it at the 4 cable rows per sock on the front. I have, however, changed my mind before. Just ask Pop. And I may do it again.

One more thing gone awry

A week or so ago, I booked a week’s stay up in the Poconos for Pop and I in the fall. The idea of a “get-away” that is still rather nearby appeals to both of us. It’s about 185 miles north and takes about 3 and a half hours to drive up. I chose mid-October, fall foliage time, but it still should be good golf weather for Pop. Well, yesterday I got the confirmation paperwork in the mail, and where I had written down and planned on Oct 15-22, the paperwork came back as NOVEMBER 15-22. No, that’s not what I asked for! While November would be fine if all I wanted to do was sit by a window with a scenic view, a fireplace nearby and my knitting or my spinning wheel, Pop wants golf, and there’s too great a chance that it’ll be too cold. And I feared that earlier weeks would already be booked. But I got on the horn anyway, and a lovely reservation clerk was able to cancel the November booking AND find a condo available for a week at the same place in Sept. While I would have preferred October, and Pop was liking the idea of getting a trip away as a birthday gift, I’m very glad we could get into the same area in the fall. We’ll be too early for the “Fall Foliage” stuff, but we’ve both seen it before, almost every year of our lives. This will work! (If I get a severe hankering for red and orange leaves, we could always go up for a long weekend a month or so later.

If it’s out there, with a price tag, I buy it

On the way home from work yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store before bailing the boys out of jail picking up the twins from Day Care, just to grab a few things. Apparently someone in our household sucked up all the pancake syrup, right down to a sticky film inside the bottle AND failed to replace it or advise anyone else to buy more. Noticed this AFTER my breakfast was cooked, alright, microwaved, but still….. I can’t go into a grocery store for pancake syrup and buy pancake syrup. JUST pancake syrup. ONLY pancake syrup. This is because I do not have a penis.** I always see other things we need, and end up barely able to push the laden grocery cart that always has one bad wheel. In the store, I saw a display of kiddie dishware stuff decorated in “current themes.” They had Dora the Explorer and Spiderman. And they also had ones with Lightening McQueen, who is apparently the twins’ favorite actor. (NOTE: Wee grandfellows are CARS fans, watch the movie over and over, push 2 complete sets of small “CARS” cars about the house, fight over same.) At home, it’s all about Lightening and Mater. And Miss Sally. And Guido and Luigi. And my favorite, Filmore. (Can you tell that I’m a bit familiar with this movie? Does it show?) So I stand there like a fool, debating about buying more CARS paraphernalia and bringing it into a house already full of toys and already decorated in CARS. And, of course, I do. Because my other name is Sap Grandma. I pick out a set of Melmac plates, in the shape of a US Highway marker sign. Hehe. Cute. I sneak them home, wash them up and prepare a quick dinner. Boil some fettucine, open a jar of Alfredo sauce, a can of mushrooms – hey, I’d been up and going since 6 am, worked all day, spent an hour in the grocery store, put all those goodies away with the HELP of a pair of 2-year-olds underfoot!! Cut me a break here. I’m old.

The boys help with setting the table. This makes them feel so proud and helpful, and keeps them busy while I get the last minute chores done. I gave them forks to carry to the table, then napkins, then their plastic cups. THEN I gave them each their new Lightening McQueen plates to carry. Alex was very excited. Nick practically swooned. They both quickly climbed up into their booster seats, placed their plates on the table and admired the “scenery.” As their mommy started filling plates, I told Alex he’d need to clean off Lightening’s face – and he was fine with that.

Alex and his Lighening plate, chowing down

Then Mommy grabbed Nick’s plate, to dole out his portion. Nick is something of a neat-freak, noted by all. Mommy has noted it any number of times. He has a FIT – cries, carries on, hollaring for the plate until he gets it back in his arms.

Nick clutching his plate, starving, while watching brother eat

Nick is clutching his plate to his chest. Won’t put it down in fear that someone will “soil” it with, UGH, food. I mean, look at the slob next to him who clearly doesn’t give a damn about the fact that Lightening McQueen’s face has NOODLES on it. NOODLES! What an insult. Mommy continues trying to coax Nick into relinquishing his plate, because she’d probably like to dish out a portion for herself, too, before it’s all ice-cold. Nick’s not budging with the idea, and I won’t bore you with the whole series of pictures of teary-eyed Nick, doing his part to keep the Earth clean. Finally, hungry Mom gives up, and gets another plate for him.

Nick with 2nd plate, keeping Lightening clean

He’s got his old blue dish, but you can see that his eyes are not leaving the magnificence that is his new CARS plate. His clean CARS plate.

Eating Nillas

He would, however, allow a handful of Vanilla Wafers to be placed neatly on his new plate. They are neater, cleaner than the meal I had prepared, and so, were more acceptable to His Finicky-ship.

I wonder how long this plate will stay clean.

** When money is tight, I send Pop to the store; he buys just whats on the list, and then he leaves the store.

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