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It’s only yarn

I belong to Ravelry and as a rule, I greatly enjoy it, and I’ve gained a great deal from it.  We won’t discuss the “time suck” aspect of Ravelry, or how much cleaner my kitchen floor would be if I didn’t spend so much time sitting in front of the computer, and instead, got to know my mop a bit better.  I belong to quite a few of their groups, too.  Some are project-centered, some are geographic, many are spinners.  Some are based upon patrons of various online stores.  I am a member of groups for both KnitPicks and for The Loopy Ewe.   These groups are forums, where all post and comment, sometimes ad nauseum.

The Loopy Ewe carries many lines of yarn from independent spinners and/or dyers.  Small outfits that produce as much as they can, but not large commercial outfits.  Maybe it’s one person working in their kitchen, maybe a handful, but clearly, production is NOT on the massive scale that we expect from Lion Brand, a line that’s found in every craft store and big-box cutrate department store.  You know the ones.   So…   One notable blog person or another mentions a new, nice yarn, it gains favor, and then – there’s a run on it.  Like sharks, people freak over yarn purchasing.  I’ve posted about it before, because this sort of thing really bothers me. 

And in Ravelry, on one of the Loopy Ewe forums, it’s happening again.    And it got to me.  I started to post into the forum, and then, I thought it was starting to sound like a rant.  So I didn’t post it there.  Here, I can say what I want.


Thanks for writing what I’ve been thinking, and saying it so nicely.  I was thinking along the lines of, “FPS, folks, IT’S ONLY YARN!”  I thought about just dropping some of these groups, because all I’ve read for days is a bunch of adults whining about their misery.  And their “misery” is over not getting the skein of yarn they wanted.  It’s YARN, people.  Nobody’s gonna die for lack of yarn, no one’s starving while watching food fall into the ocean.  It’s not the cure for some horrible disease being lost to dying patients.   I just can’t understand why so many people are so freaked out over it.  Several times every month, there are threads and threads like this, with hundreds of people whining over not getting a skein of yarn.  I, too, was wondering how they behaved in the mall, if their size or color was sold out.  Do they throw themselves to the floor and kick?  Do these people know what they sound like?  What’s even scarier is – if people carry on like this over yarn, what would they do if they ever REALLY had troubles?

I should be used to this sort of behavior.  I have a set of twin grandsons living with me, and one is frequently whining when the other has the toy he wants.  They are 2 years old.  I expect this from that age.  Here, it astounds me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t post this on their forum. 

Perhaps I should just go sit in a corner and knit.  It calms me.

2 Responses to “It’s only yarn”

  1. dmvtatter Says:

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    Speak your mind by all means. I’m sure you speak for many of us who are not interested in posting what we really think so it can be whined about by those same people. It does seem that there are a lot of folks on Ravelry that measure their self esteem by how much yarn, how many books/patterns how many clapotis and monkey socks that they have. It’s a great resource for me so I just try to ignore the unruly children.

  2. SallyO Says:

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    Oh, how I agree with you. I LOVE knitting, I LOVE beautiful yarn. BUT . . . it’s only knitting, it’s only yarn. You do wonder if some of these people have ever had anything to really complain about. I don’t normally wish bad luck or bad times on people, but I do sometimes think that maybe that might put some of their complaints in perspective. I’ve also seen that if you mention this on Ravelry, you’re likely to get abused. And don’t say how old you are. The abuse is then doubled!