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Happy New Year!

No, I haven’t fallen off the planet.   No, I haven’t gotten much done.

Pop is home from the hospital; he managed to get in the door just a few minutes ahead of Santa, or so it seemed.  Little got done at home while he was in the hospital as I was running back and forth, around and around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Kate baked most of the cookies that I had mixed together and put in to chill  We are all grateful that there doesn’t seem to be any heart involvement, although the cardiologist wants Pop to have a low-stress test in a month or so.  This appears to be precautionary, simply based on age and wisdom.  Antibiotics strong enough to knock a rhino down on its knees were pumped into him for days, and antibiotic pills were carried home.  “Inhalers R Us” is where we live now.  Maintenance inhalers, emergency inhalers, here a puff, there a puff, everywhere a puff, puff.  But he is breathing easier, has a little color coming back and is talking about playing golf when the weather breaks.  This is a good sign.

Christmas came and went, as it always does.  All 3 of the kids were home, grandchildren aplenty, and that, for me, is the true blessing of the season.  We had our dinner together on Christmas Eve, opened gifts, laughed and played together.  Uncle R and Aunt J also stopped by, another blessing.  All seemed to be happy with the gifts they received.

I gave a TomTom GPS system to my lovely daughter-in-law.  She loves it.  I liked it so much that Pop has put a TomTom ONE XL-S on order for me!!!  Because of the sales the company has been running, there’s not one to be had in the state, I think.  As I’m not planning on a trip in the next 2 weeks (!!!), I was content to take a “raincheck” to hold the sale price, and get my unit when their next shipment comes in.  Apparently, they have been a most popular holiday gift this year.  It’s going to be fun to play with.  Of course, Pop got me the Woolee Winder for my spinning wheel, and I’ve had it several weeks now.  Their site advised that there may be production delays, so it was ordered in plenty of time to be here by Christmas; it arrived a week later!  It is wonderful – I love it.

And I got yarn!  The order was placed with The Loopy Ewe on Christmas Day, read by them on Wed, the 26th, and I had the package on Friday – How great is that????

Ain’t this one delightful??

Chewy Spaghetti Sporty

Different than what I usually choose, but it “called out to me.”  It kept whispering, “socks,” very quietly, but most insistant.  Sshhhh!  Chewy Spaghetti, fingering weight, in Sporty.

Second yarn –

Claudia Hand Painted in Peppermint Mocha

Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Peppermint Mocha

Now, this one is not quiet.  It SCREAMED at me –  “Click HERE.  You NEED me.  NOW.  Jerk. Click!!”  And so, of course, I did.  Because I always do what I’m told and act sensibly and think decisions through thoroughly, just like my daughter.  But you can clearly see why I just HAD to have this, can’t you?  Sometimes, we just HAVE to have things, right now, and we gotta go with that.

And I picked some out for Pop’s cold toes.

Lorna's Laces Baltic Sea

It’s Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Baltic Sea.  A subdued, man-pleasing colorway.  Certainly dull compared to what I usually pick out, but it’s for him, it’s what he likes and wants.  I’m just glad it’s not a real dark subdued, that would be hard on my eyes to work with.

And here’s a progress report on the scarf I’m making for K.  It’s made from my own spun yarn in her favorite color, a deep rich purple (regardless of how it shows up when photographed, it’s deep and rich and she really likes the color.  I had to PhotoShop up the red here, cause it looked Flag Blue)  The pattern is Mead Scarf by Elizabeth Morrison, available for free download.  I found it on Ravelry.  I’m obviously near the end, as evidenced by the size of the yarn cake.  I’ll stop the pattern in time to put a 5-row seed stitch border on, and then we block.

Mead Scarf in purple for Kate

A safe and Happy New Year to all.  My best wishes for happiness in new beginnings in the new year.

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