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Days off from work and nothing to do


Pop is still in the hospital, still in Intermediate Care where he can be monitored, but the cardiologist that was called in no longer feels that there’s a problem there.  It appears to be strictly pulmonary, as we expected.  He is breathing easier, after many treatments and an on-going relationship with Respiratory Therapy.  Pop is apparently quite fond of breathing and when his ability to do so was compromised, he got pretty cranky!  Perhaps today, they will move him to a regular room, lesser level of care.  Perhaps tomorrow he will be discharged.  Clearly they want as many patients out before the holidays as possible.

Clearly, I’m not getting diddly done at home, and that is unlikely to change soon.  Been running back and forth to the hospital day and night, even worked most of yesterday, too.  Bri came home last night.  He was planning on being here for the holiday and came down sooner, so he could surprise Pop! 

Packages are still unwrapped, cookies are still unbaked.  Gotta go.  Best to all.

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  1. Brian Says:

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    Let me know how I can help. I’m not good at baking, but I will wrap other people’s presents or vacuum or mop or something.
    LOVE YOU!!!