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One Damn FO

That’s “F”inished “O”bject, to all you non-knitters.    I finished Pop’s watch cap, the one that matches the hats made for the grandtwins.  So all three gentlemen will have caps in shades of blue.  I’m not gonna post a picture.  It’s a damn dark blue watch cap in ribbing.  It looks just like the picture in the last post, except I decreased the stitches on the last few rows and secured the top.  Duh.  The wee ones think it’s neat that Pop has a cap just like theirs, and it may encourage them to keep their hats on when they’re out in the cold, thus making life a bit easier for their mother.  Pop may wear his, just to facilitate the lesson for the boys.

I need to have a timer set onto my computer that starts ticking when I go onto the Ravelry site, and after about 20 minutes, it closes down the browser – or maybe it would be better if it shut the computer off altogether and wouldn’t restart it for an hour or 6.  This would definitely help with productivity around here.  While on Ravelry, I GET NOTHING DONE!  And I have lots to get done.  Got a second large box from Amazon today, and everything in it except one needs to be wrapped.  Damn.  (But the one that’s mine is Charted Knitting Designs, A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker.  I already have Books 1 and 2, and they are a “Must Have” for knitters — Don’t worry, sons, you aren’t getting any of them for Christmas!

I have spinning that I would like to get done before Christmas, and the only way I figure that I’m going to have time is if I take the wheel with me to work.  This might not go over so well with some there!!!  (And quite a few might be fascinated, and actually stand there and watch – or at least use “standing in fascination” as a great excuse not to do their own work)  Either way, by Friday, usually a very slow day, I might be tempted to haul it in.  As we get closer to the holidays, things will continue to slow down, as so many will be using vacation time.

I didn’t even get any laundry done tonight.

When we asked Nick what he wanted for dinner, he said, “Peeka butter and bread.”  “No jelly?” I asked.  “OK,” he replied.  “Peeka butter and bread and jelly.”  And me being in the mood to cook a fancy meal, that’s what we had.

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