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Shit Happens

Just when I think I’ve got all my ducks in a row……

Just when life appears to be smoothing out a bit……

Shit happens.

And every damn time, I seem to step in it.  Or fall in it, face first!!

We’ve spent the last two weeks really, really looking forward to going on vacation with my brother and his wife.  These plans were made back in April.  We vacationed together in May, had a wonderful time seeing Williamsburg and Jamestown, VA, touring all over, and relaxing at the resort where we stayed.  It was wonderful, and made better than that by the company we had.  This time the plan was for the four of us to do a calm, peaceful week in the Poconos, near Bushkill Falls.  Hike a bit, see the falls, take pictures, go to the flea market.  Drink a bottle of wine with our dinners.  Relax.

Got a lot of shit going on at work, and a fair amount of stress.  Got a lot of shit going on at home, and that adds to it.  A month ago, Brother #1 had open heart surgery, replacing an aortic valve.  Is this a hereditary condition, as my mother had the same surgery done in ’86?  None of us are sure.  Brother had a few complications, and is doing well now, but there were extra concerns and much extra running back and forth to doctors and appointments.  Scary stuff for all.  Brother #2 pitched in with some of the running, to ease the strain on SrSIL, who has been running herself ragged – and lets face it, none of us are kids anymore.

So now, with our departure just around the corner, and we’re ready to toss our undies into a Wal-Mart sack and head out, the next brother starts with chest pains.  His coronary history is such that it must be tended to right away, and his doctor has scheduled several pre-tests and a heart cath next week.  On the day we were planning on leaving.  If all goes well, he’ll still need several days of rest after the procedure, so this trip is out for them.

We’re still going to go, and we’ll have a good time.  It’s a beautiful area, one I’ve been looking forward to seeing for the first time.  But, I’m afraid, I’ll also keep expecting to see Brother and his wife.  Each time I see a real scenic view, I’ll be calling out to J. to make sure she sees it, too.  And realizing again that they aren’t there.

Think I’ll go buy a couple of bottles of wine to take with us, if we’re gonna be alone!!

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  1. Brian Says:

    Visit Brian

    Teach Paul to play cribbage. I hope you can relax enough to have a little fun. And keep me posted on various Uncle’s conditions.