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A time to plant…..

The weather is cooling, there’s a bit of “crisp” in the air.  Time to put the fellows to work again.

While in Sam’s Club, buying groceries (and diapers) in great quantities, I found a box of 120 crocus bulbs, and remembered sitting out on the front lawn of our old house, with B and K when they were small, digging wee holes and dropping the bulbs in.  I’m sure that in a few days time, the kids forgot all about doing it.   But in the spring, and for many springs to come, the flowers were there, bright bursts of color after a long hard pull to get through winter.  I stood in the store, remembering all this, and bought the box.  The fellows are a bit too small yet to do much of the planting, but certainly old enough to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, and feeling important over being given a task!

the boys are planting crocus bulbs on the front lawn

Yes, they have knives in their hands, my “butter knives” that you probably would need to heat up first to cut butter.  But they were able to wiggle them around enough to make a hole big enough to drop a crocus bulb into!  (with a little help)  A had to be watched carefully as he was, for awhile, just taking the bulbs out and strewing them about like chicken feed!  When they’re not around, I’ll bury the rest of the bulbs a bit deeper, to insure that they “weather over” the winter. 

In the spring, when the flowers appear, it’ll be worth it. picture of crocus in bloom, mixed colors

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