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Track-side Life

I have to drive through and around the fields of campers behind Dover Downs every day.  This time of the year, it can be a bit of a challenge.  Once, it took me just over 4 hours to get home from work – I worked about 2.5 miles away!!!  Uh, the traffic can get that bad!

I fought with Google Maps’ ability to imbed a picture and it’s beyond me, but for those that are interested, if you type in 1100 N Dupont Highway, Dover DE, you’ll get a great map of the oval track, the two main (only) highways that go north and south in the state, the old Rt 13 on the left, and Rt 1 to it’s right in this area, surrounding the track.

rounding the bend behind the track, heading to Rt. 1

The track is to the left (west) of me, ahead is acres of campers and Rt. 1 behind them.  Oddly, traffic was moving, and I didn’t worry about driving with one hand, camera in the other.  Must admit, I was just pointing and shooting randomly, not really knowing what I would get.  These pictures were taken about 4pm, Friday.

Rounding the bend

Here, I’m due east of the track, and ahead is the bridge over Rt 1.  The ’55 Chevy caught my eye!!

View of the east side of the track

And on my left is the track, here showing the southeasternmost grandstands and if you look through the gap, you can see the Dover Downs Hotel, which is on the other side of the track – that’s where the Casino is.

East of Rt 1

Over the bridge and heading back south again.  On Sunday, when the race lets out, all these roads will be one-way, outbound.  There will be several hours where I can not get home.  Most of that traffic will be passenger vehicles, and most of the trailers won’t leave until the day following the big race.

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