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That Wendy knows what she knits

Published on August 22, 2007

This is not stealing someone else’s post. I’m giving full credit, right at the top, for this to Wendy of Wendy Knits.   Recently, one of her readers questioned about the bind-off she uses for her toe-up socks.  She’s made umpteen pairs in just the last 2 months!!  Disagreeing with her recommendations about sock knitting methods would […]

Resistance is Futile

Published on August 21, 2007

Well, I did order the lace patterns from I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can.  I got both the Forest Canopy Shawl and the Mountain Stream Scarf.  As the author promised, I got the items at half price, in honor of her birthday.   And had the patterns downloaded in 5 minutes!  Patterns are nicely presented, […]

Dreaming of Lace

Published on August 20, 2007

Well, actually, I’m dreaming of having the capability, the concentration, the damn perseverance  to knit lace.  I might have it now.  Then again, I might not.  Sadly, the only way to find out will probably waste a great deal of my time, and aggravate the living hell out of me. But I saw a pattern that […]