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Nice evening

Ya know those evenings where you just get antsy and gotta get out of the house.  Well, today had one at the end of it, and after a quick dinner, we grabbed camera, sippy cups and off we went with the fellas.

We wanted to be outside, and someplace where the boys could run!!!!

Nick at the Bowers Inlet

So we headed towards the water.  And the boys loved it.  They kicked sand. they “oozed” into the low-tide mud, they found stones, and bits of seaweed.  And they found a horseshoe crab!

Horseshoe Crab

Evil looking bastard, isn’t he, with the spiney, spikey tail????  Would be, if it wasn’t for two things.

Nick and Alex with a horseshoe crab

It was quite small.

It was quite dead.

It was also quite stinky, and thus, quite interesting to two small boys!  That is, until they found something even more amusing.

Boys with Miss Madison

This lovely young lady is spending the weekend with her grandmother who has a summer place nearby.  And she had 2 large pails and extra sand shovels.  As the children played and we talked, we discovered that the family is from the same town as Paul and they live only a few blocks from where he used to live.  Small world.  Nice folks.

Then, unfortunately, we had to head home, to brush the sand off the boys and put them to bed!  They were starting to sag in the car, and were asleep about 4.2 seconds after hitting the crib.  Fresh air and beach sand does that to guys.

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  1. Brian Says:

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    Awww, so very cute. Sounds like a good day. Yay philly people!