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I don’t cope with stress well. We know that. Everybody knows that. And weird things, I guess, stress me out. (Thank you, Briley, for giving me all the flight numbers for your trip, and letting me know that you had landed safely last night) I’m so hysterically afraid of heights and flying, that I even go into a turn-blue panic when anyone else flies. It’s tough on me physically to stay holding my breath and blue during entire Trans-Atlantic flights so I really wish no one else would go to Europe. Myself, I haven’t flown since ’83, and that was to get back into the US from a Third World country. The military brought me home on one of those big C-5s and I’ve never gone up since.

But….. Am currently getting a lot of stress from an outside source. Lucky me. It’s not going to go away, and I’m probably not going to cope with it any better in the future unless I either, 1) die of it which would leave me resting peacefully with my mouth shut or 2) somebody develops the ability to do Personality Transplant Surgery, perfects the procedure and I am chosen to be the lucky winner of this ground-breaking medical miracle. The “New Brain” Lottery?

It is, however, causing me to insure/insist that I get increased spinning time. I find that the repetitiousness of the hand activity is soothing. (I think daughter looks at me and says to herself, “BORING!!” each time she sees me at it) To some, it may be. When I first started, I had to concentrate intently to get the hand movements co-ordinated with the foot movement. They are each, frequently, doing what they have to do at different speeds, too. I would find it difficult to rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time. I would find it doubly difficult to then speed up the timing on the head pats to exactly double the tummy rubbing. Aaaah, this is spinning. But I’ve spent enough time with it where I’m able to get my hands and my foot/feet working together. The yarn I’m producing is looking better – not perfect by a long shot, but certainly better than what I made during the first week. I can now work along, relaxed, without that intense concentration. During the first week of spinning, my mind and my eyes were totally committed to the task; after that, I was able to listen to TV and even glance up a bit. A few evenings ago, I got the iPod out, where I had been listening to an Audiobook, and found that I was able to spin, and still had a few brain cells not in use and available to make sense out of what I was hearing!! For me this is wonderful, because I’d rather spend my evenings in Scotland with Jamie Fraser than with Hubby and the History Channel.

(btw, not much is getting done around the house)

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  1. Brian Says:

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    Sorry to give you so much trouble. But the 45 minute flight is safer, cheaper and less trouble than a 5 to 6 hour drive. If I ever cross one of the big ponds again, I’ll let you know after I get back. 😉
    Love you!