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Google, and learn

This morning, while drinking my coffee and googling about the world, I had one of those moments where, if I were living in a cartoon, a large lightbulb would have suddenly appeared over my head!  Ahah!!  Well, I’ll be damned.

I live in a town that is bordered all about by open countryside, farms, fields.  I get out of the “town” as much as possible and drive through those areas.  Maybe just because it reminds me, still, of when I used to live out there, without neighbors up my ass, without neighborhood rules that you can’t put up a fence, with enough ground to hold a volleyball tournament on the front grass while the horse-shoe pitching contest was going on in the side yard.  Anyway, I often go up and down Route 9, just to avoid the traffic in town.    And I am a very frequent visitor at Lane’s Garden Fresh Farm, because their produce is wonderful, and I like the ride to get there!  (and because they currently have a pen of baby bunnies in the back under a tree, and Kate and I take the boys back there to see them.  And even though they know we ARE NOT buying bunnies, they still let us go back!) 

And in my travels up and down this lovely back road, I go by a little farmstead all the time, with a big barn in back, and animals.  But the place is right on a corner, and very near a bend in the main road, so gawking too much while driving isn’t really a safe thing to do.  But the other day, after dinner, we went down to brother Ray’s and went via Rt 9, and the animals were all out by the road.  Sheep and llamas?  Did I see sheeps?  I turned the corner and pulled off the road to get a better look – and to make sure the boys got to see them.  The problem with many DE roads, though, is that you can’t pull very far off the road because of the drainage ditches that are everywhere – this keeps the water down and the land up.  I understand why we need them, but it doesn’t always give you room to pull your vehicle entirely off the road.  Attempts leave your car at a precarious angle and its left third still out in the road.  So I only stayed there long enough to peak my interest and damn near got rear-ended, too, by some jerk flying around the corner.

Cowgills Corner Sheep and Wool FarmAnyhow, what I found out by googling this morning is that the place is a small Bed-and-Breakfast, in addition to being a working farm.  (Mind you, this place is less that 3 miles away, I pass it all the time, see the small sign often, but at 50 miles per hour, didn’t note any details)  Duh! And according to this DE Department of Agriculture site for them, they have farm tours at lambing time, usually Jan – Mar.  And if they have sheep, they must also have shearing.  I’m going to contact these folks and ask to be able to observe their next shearing.  And maybe get some pictures of the critters!!

Lesson to be learned here.  This place is practically right around the corner, I’ve been here all these years, and didn’t know about it.  It makes me wonder what else of interest is close at hand.  What other things have I been missing?

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