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Seaside Toes

And that’s where I wish mine were!!  At the seaside, that is, wiggling my toes in the sand.  It ain’t happening.  

First thing this morning, I had to head down to the dealership where I bought the new vehicle and finally get the permanent tag, 2 days before the Temporary tag expires, AND have their Service department look at the “across the shoulder” retractable part of one of the rear seatbelts.  It apparently never worked properly; this was noticed when I bought the pair of carseats for the boys and Kate tried to install them.  Of course, they couldn’t/wouldn’t fix the problem – parts need to be ordered.  And so, next week, I will have to screw up another day off, going back down there and sitting in their waiting room again whilst they install a seat belt mechanism that works properly.  I’m a little bit pissed that this wasn’t checked and caught before the vehicle was delivered to me.  Summer is short.  Days off are precious.

BUT, knowing I would have to wait, (and now, wait again next week) I brought the iPod, where I’m listening to The Outlander(which I read at least 20 years ago) and my socks, Lorna’s Laces Seaside, sport weight. 

Sock toes

I’m putting a 4×4 rib just on top, just for kicks.  This is lovely yarn to work with – it just feels good sliding through your fingers, and I seem to be in love with almost all their colorways.  Well maybe there’s 2 or 3 that I’m not absolutely wild about, but I can’t think of any offhand.

Managed to get into Staples and get a 7-port hub for my computer.  This 4-port one just don’t get the job done anymore.  The USB ports on the back of my computer, a Dell XPS, are very close together.  If what you’re plugging in has a bit of width on it, you can’t use all the ports.  Pain in the ass, and a poor design on somebody’s part.  They either need to space the ports out further, or make the “plug-in end thingies” all skinny. 

And then it was time to go get the poodle from her hairdresser, who, btw, charges 3 times what I pay to get my hair cut, colored and frosted.  After Sophie spends the day at the Pooch Parlor, she comes home just frantic, won’t hold still for several hours, when she finally drops like a rock.  So it was hard to get a decent picture of a severely moving object, but I wanted all to see the cut bow in her hair that looks like a butterfly.

Sophie acting like an electrified jerk

Pardon the blur, but it’s gonna be a while before she settles down.  Maybe a year or two.

And there is a website for tracking New Zealand Post Office packages, and my spinning wheel has been shipped.  Should have come air freight into the states last Friday, and I’m awaiting the next update/hurdle, that the package has cleared Customs.  They are saying it could still be another 3 weeks!  Perhaps that’s on the long side.  But there’s so much other stuff to do in the summer that I’m ok with the waiting time.  And Fall is a nice time to handle wool.


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