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Vulcans Rest Fibers

Vulcans Rest Fibers sign

I don’t know the significance of the name.  But it’s a lovely place, staffed by lovely folks.  Vulcan’s Rest Fibers at 106 George Street in Chesapeake City, MD.  (Click for a map)  A really neat little town right on the C&D Canal – the canal that cuts through the Delmarva Peninsula, connecting the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.  The shop is practically in the shadow of the bridge.  Actually the whole town is!

Bride at Chesapeake City, MD

This little look-out point was about 3 doors down from the shop.  I couldn’t help myself.  I lugged my purchases down there, and just stood out there in the breeze.  If I hadn’t had a 45-minute drive to get home, I’d have stayed longer.  And if I hadn’t stayed so long inside the shop!

So, the store has yarn, lots of it.

inside the store, lots of yarn

And lots of yarn over here, too.  These rooms were really jammed with yarn!  Couldn’t get any more in unless you shot it in with a cannon.

yarn, yarn everywhere

And then —  Ta Da!!  The next room – with a whole library of books on knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, dyeing on two of their walls    AND  looms and wheels.   And stuff for basket weaving.  And books on all of it.  Did I mention the books?

Spinning and weaving room 

See the wee spinning wheel in front of the window, down low?  A little one, oh, so portable, and oh damn, so easy to store.  And it was one of several on display there.  And sheep pictures on all the walls!

Oh, my!  I kept telling myself, all the way up there, that going inside would be dangerous, given my propensity for “see and buy,” usually with not a bit of little thought in between the two.  I am a “Quickly Bite off more than I can (or wish to) chew” sort of person and this has led me into trouble before.  Countless times.  And then, there’s my time constraints, and space constraints, and money constraints and where do you put all the new shit so the twins can’t get into it, and such.  That’s my life now.  So maybe going up to this beautiful shop wasn’t the wisest move I’ve made recently.  I don’t need to go off on an interested but expensive crafty tangent.  I really don’t.

And the ladies in there were helpful, and knowledgeable.  Willing to spend time showing and telling!  Made it all look so easy. And smiled, and showed me “beginner” things, without being pushy about it.

I tried hard to resist.  I tried to be sensible.  Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how successful I was.

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