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Toes Up!!

I’m finally doing my first Toe-Up sock – I’ve watched Kate do many and seen blog posts by “those who know” about doing it this way. I’ve always started at the other end, up at the ankle, worked down, grafted the toe. However, being a leftie, I’ve spent most of my life doing things ass-backwards or upside-down – most everything I’ve ever done probably.

So why switch now? Well, I’ve bought a shitload of a few colorways of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock. You need 2 skeins for a pair of socks. (do the math guys, that’s one skein per sock) So I’ve got these pairs of purchases of this rather pricey yarn. By starting at the toe and working up, I can make the cuff as long as needed, as long as I’ve got yarn left, and not have to worry about running out. If I start at the ankle, and make a long cuff, I’m gonna worry all the way that I won’t have enough yarn to make the second sock with an equally long cuff, or worry about stopping too soon, and having lots of expensive wool left over. Jesus H. Christ, do I just look for shit to worry about?????

AND, rather than screw up the good stuff, I found 2 skeins of sport yarn in a solid purple, knowing I have someone really handy here who loves purple, and figured I’d give this method a test run with larger needles, fatter yarn. I’m using a toe-up pattern from Wendy Knits�and it’s going very well (Thank you, Ms Wendy, for posting this, giving us your time and skill and CLARITY). I found the first few rounds most awkward, working with 4 needles and expect that this will be more so with smaller yarn/needles. I’m used to having my stitches on 3 needles, but wanted to do it exactly as instructed, at least the first time. By the time I get through the 2nd sock with sport yarn, I should have no problem using the finer weight.

Also, in my internet travels, I found the Flickr site for Zephyr Style knitting patterns. These are all tops/sweaters done top-down, a style I really like. I already have Glee and Green Gable and I’m looking real hard at Rusted Root and Wicked. I’ll probably end up ordering them soon. I find hours of mindless knitting in the round very soothing!

Smoking Update

Still not, since the 26th of March. Paul, too. Off the meds, too, and doing fine.

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