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It’s Tuesday – It must be Jamestown

Today, we did Jamestown, starting with their enormous Visitor’s Center. It was greatly enhanced last year, with fabulous exhibits added, well worth the time to see them. Anyone who has been there in past years hasn’t seen all the new stuff.

indian huts

These are replicas of huts used by the Powhatan Indians that were in this region in 1607 when the settlers arrived. We went into the huts and saw all the displays. Guides enhance the experience.


This is the Susan Constant, a replica of the original. When you look at it, you are most struck by the size — or lack of it! Figuring the amount of crew and settlers, plus provisions. Geez it’s small.

Ray and Joyce in front of the ship

Ray and Joy in front of the ship.


Another view, from further out on the pier.

path to the fort

Here’s the path from where the ships are moored up to the settlement.

canoe from hollowed logs

This is how the Indians made their canoes. A straight log is burned down the center, then the charred ash is scrapped out using clamshells. Rinse and repeat!!

Here’s the man who makes and repairs the boats.


And here’s the armor, hot and uncomfortable looking.


A breakfront in the commander’s house. All hand-carved in England.

The settlement’s communal kitchen.

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