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These are the shorts that Paul picked out for himself.  Paul is a man who wears mostly navy blue, grays, dark blah greens, dull, bland, muted colors.  Plain socks, black shoes, jeans in blue only. Solid colored shirts, never a flashy print.  Not one.  Conservative haircut, no jewelry except a watch and a wedding ring.  Middle-aged man of an age to have spent time in ‘Nam.

I can’t picture it.  If he actually puts them on and wears them, I’ll fall over dead or wet myself laughing.

Coors boxer shorts

One Response to “WTF??”

  1. Brian Says:

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    Don’t even joke about lack of beer! I’m having ‘Nam flashbacks just thinking about it. I’m feeling woozy!
    Tell Paul he has to wear them to the birthday party! 😀