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Chantix – Day 9 – Report

Published on March 27, 2007

Here’s how we’re doing – WE because Paul and I both are doing this.  We started on Chantix on Mar 19, following the directions on the practically idiot-proof packaging.  On Days 1-3, you take one 0.5mg pill in the morning, then add a second one in the evening on Days 4-7, thus doubling the daily dosage.  […]

No snow this time

Published on March 21, 2007

Brother Ray and his lovely wife went to Florida 2 weeks ago.  We had snow and ice and snow and sleet and all sorts of crap the morning they had to drive to Philadelphia Airport.  It apparently was worse up there, and their flight was delayed 3 hours getting off the ground.  After a lovely […]

Dinner Table Talk

Published on March 19, 2007

So tonight it’s just me and the wee fellows.  Dinner decisions.  After a (seemingly) long day today, I was looking for something easy.  What was left over and in the refrigerator already, or in a can, quickly heated? I settled on Elbows Alfredo (jarred sauce by Bertolli is really good) (and quick).  I added a […]