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Pop and I are watching the boys tonight, so after dinner we all got our sweatshirts on and went for a walk to the playground.  Pop with Alex




Pop and Alex like to climb up and survey all they can see.  Alex pretends he’s steering a pirate ship, maybe?  But he sure is happy up there!  They both like the climbing up, then down, then up again!  I figure whatever wears their little legs out helps them sleep better through the night.




Pop with Nick





Pop and Nick relaxing on the tire swing.   Guess the little legs were getting tired.



Or the old legs.





Alex sitting in the stones





Alex seemed to be fascinated with the stones.  He sat for the longest time, just running them through his hands like Midas and the gold.   Over and over. 


Then he started to throw them, and we moved on!!





One last picture – I’m rarely in them, I’m always behind the camera, not in front of it.  But I had Paul take a shot of me tonight for a very dear friend, who’s been there for me for years and years.  But years don’t change what’s in your heart; miles don’t change it, either.  We’re still “best buds” like we were when we were 16, waiting for the school bus!!  And she’s finally got a computer! 


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