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Today I am the chicken lady!

graphic of a chickenA small local, family-owned grocery store, Witt Brothers in Wyoming, DE has a terrific butcher/meat section, and I do go out of my way for their sales.  Instead of buying boneless skinless chicken breast at the larger markets, I go here.  Instead of paying upwards of $3/lb for them, I pay far less.  They have better prices if you go in and buy enough for tonight’s dinner.  They have even better prices if you buy over 10 lbs, this week only $1.89 – much cheaper than the Acme very near me.  But Paul noticed in their weekly ad that they were selling boxes of 40 lbs of chicken breasts for $61.60 — that’s $1.54/lb.  Well, I have a good sized freezer, but it’s pretty full.  While the price was good, I just can’t store that much right now.  So I e-mailed the brothers and asked if they were interested in splitting a box.  Gary read his e-mail first this morning, called Ray, and the chicken lady went to Witt’s after work.  The chicken was in 4 bags, 10-lb each, and they loaded them into a box, covered the top with crushed ice, AND EVEN carried it out and put it in the back of my Jeep.  (Hey, they deserve mention for that kind of service!!) (And they’re the nicest folks, too!)  So the chickenmobile went out to Gary’s and I dropped off 15 lbs, then to Ray’s who took a 10-lb bag, then home to wash and bag my share.

Gary was making chicken noises as I came through his back door; he was still making them when I left.  He is the oldest of us three, the most mature one.

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