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Trauma, real mental anguish

I went bathing suit shopping.  I remember (from way, way back) that this used to be a fun outing, and I’ve tried to figure out what changed things so much.  Hmmmm, the word “figure” may play into this.  I figure I ain’t got the same figure I used to take shopping with me, and that may be part of the problem.  I always had a shape like a pencil, and now I’m more like those big, pink erasers we had in school, narrower at the top and bottom, still wide in the middle.  For awhile, I could blame it on childbearing, but as the kiddies are now grown adults, that excuse has gotten old, and definately says that the kids are no longer to blame.  The responsibility falls closer to home.  But I prefer not to think about that.  Well, thinking is ok, but I’m not DOING anything about it.  Another thing that made it more fun back in the 60’s, was that suits made of $3 worth of material cost about $20; today’s suits with $5 worth of material cost about $85.  And years ago, it was Mom’s money that paid for it.  She doesn’t anymore!!  And I got to go to the mall with a bunch of girlfriends, also trying on suits, giggling and chattering, instead of going with a husband who would rather be staked to an anthill than spend time in the ladies bathing suit department.  He actually was trying to help, or more accurately, making a pissy attempt at getting me out of there quickly.  He was going to the racks and chosing suits for me.  One would have fit a cobra, one would have fit my freezer, one was orange.  No thought here, just grab any old thing off the rack, hand it to her, and hope she’ll leave soon!  It didn’t work, and took forever. 

I was interested in the “tankini” style of suit.  Wanted a two-piece, cause I’m long in the torso, and special “long torso” 1-pc bathing suits cost even more than regular ones; a two-piece suit avoids the matter.   But the tankini style covers up the area where all that chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream has settled.  I searched all over, trying to find something that had a longer top part and higher bottom part, to avoid exposing an unsightly gap in the middle – I mean, ya gotta have some consideration for the delicate sensibilities of other bathers.  This took some doing, as most bathing suit styles today assume that females have just come from some drought-stricken 3rd world country and haven’t eaten a decent meal in some 3-4 years.  Finally purchased something at Boscov’s I thought was “suitable.”  Everything that needs to be covered will respectably be covered, and I liked the color combinations.  I’ll have to wait until I get Kate‘s opinion before I’m sure.  She generally knows better what looks good on me than I do.

And today, my “little Bri” became a homeowner.  He’s bought a 2-bedroom condo in the northern part of the state, near where he works.  We all wish him much happiness in his new home.

The other news is that Uncle Ray has sold his home in Florida, will be closing on Aug 3, and be back in DE shortly after.  They are driving up tomorrow and Sunday, to house-hunt here and hopefully will be able to find something they like quickly!!  Then back to Florida to pack up their stuff.  It’ll be wonderful to have him close to home – I’ve really missed him.

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