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Rain, Rain, Go Away

The rain in the Mid-Atlantic states has made national news, and south of us, in Sussex County, DE, they have gotten more.  Homes have sustained a great deal of damage, and I feel bad for those affected.  However, my front bathroom has a wet ceiling and wet front wall, indicating a leak in the roof over that area.  Also a wet spot in the front corner of the dining room (area where Paul has just finished painting).  Paul can’t get up there and put a temporary “fix” to the area until it stops raining and dries for a few days.  Something about trapping moisture.  And the bottom line is, we need a new roof put on the house.  This sounds expensive.  This is not something Paul will attempt himself, due to time constraints.  If you rip it open, you have to get it sealed again before the next rain.  Here, there’s freaking rain all the time – reminds me of the 3 years in Panama!!  One man alone can’t do it.  And he’s not a boy anymore – lugging bales (or however they come packed) of shingles up onto a roof is a young man’s sport.  He, sensibly, is unwilling to tackle this on a “home-project” basis.  We will have to call a contractor in.


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