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More Grandchildren

Published on June 25, 2006

Jim and his 3 children stopped by yesterday.  The kids noticed that the neighborhood pool was open, and got antsy really quick.  I’m sure these two facts were related.  So Jim took them over to swim, and I followed with the camera.                         Beautiful […]

Journey/Def Leppard Concert

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This week’s concert was Journey and Def Leppard.  I am a Journey fan of long standing. Raised my kids with Journey cassettes blaring, back in the day when attending concerts was out of the question for many reasons.  Now, I go when I can. Showtime was set for 8pm at the Tweeter Center in Camden, […]

Mid-week report, also late

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The week went by quickly, catching up things at work, dealing with petty chores at home, like my ever-present mountain of laundry.  Mom is declining, so frequent trips there.  The pleasant break came on Thursday, our usual day to visit with the grandchildren, Kate’s beautiful twins. As “Pop” is off on Thursdays, and Kate needs to […]