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Wonderful day

My daughter has followed in my footsteps by having 2 sons first.  That’s what I did, and my mother, too.  My brothers are 6 years apart; my sons are 9 years apart.  Kate did things her own way, and had her boys 6 minutes apart.  They will be 13 months old on Monday, a beautiful, inquisitive, active age.  Each day brings something new, a new word or sound comes out of them, a new activity is learned and enjoyed, a new trick or stunt is pulled.  Hot weather came upon us rather suddenly here, although not unexpected.  Kate bought the fellas a wading pool. 

Last night “Pop” and I watched the children, and after the worst of the day’s heat passed, we took the boys out to cool them off, and get them good and tired for a solid night’s sleep!  (All parents know the joy of sleeping children)  There’s no doubt in my mind that the boys have inherited a trait from their mother — they love the water!  (For years, I thought Kate had gills hidden somewhere under her long hair; I’ve never seen anyone stay in a pool as long as she did, go back into it as often as she did, swim as early or as late as she did when growing up!  I remember calling her out of the pool for breakfast)  It was wonderful to watch kids with such complete ease and enjoyment of the water again.  I could close my eyes and see little Bri and Katie in a similar pool on the front lawn, in Panama – what a memory-evoking experience to watch grandchildren at the same activity.  Kate had tossed some plastic disposable cups in the pool and Nick sat and poured water out of a filled cup again and again, watching the water fall!  Each time the sun sparkled through the waterfall, he giggled over it.   (Note to all parents: Expensive toys are not needed. An imaginative child will make Fun with whatever he has!)  Then Alex started crawling “laps” around his brother, circling and laughing at the splashing water and wee waves he created.

Nick and his wonderful purple cup

Pop, Nick and Alex

Pop could spend all his free time with these guys.

Alex checking out the water quality

Alex seems to be checking out the water quality.  From the fun they both had, I would say it met their standards.  And the temperature of it was like their bath, after a super-hot day in the sun.

Soggy diaper

Pop learned all about the absorbancy of today’s modern disposable diapers, when he picked Nick out of the pool and held him to his chest!!  Duh!  (I always carried changes of clothes with me for the children when they were small – didn’t think I’d need to do this for him)

If you have a fast connection, click here for a splashy little movie clip!  With my high-speed line, it takes over a minute to start. 

 A wonderful day.

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